• I think I “discovered” you via Doodlewash recently, Pat. I love your bright, loose watercolor style! This video was very well done. Thank you for sharing.

    January 31, 2018
    • katzp

      Hi Susan. Yes, I was one of the recent featured artists on Doodlewash. Happy we connected. Thanks for your kind comments on the paintings and the video. It was fun to think back about my experiences so far. Cheers, Pat

      February 01, 2018
  • Barbara

    Beautiful video about a beautiful book and an amazing woman!

    February 01, 2018
    • katzp

      Thanks, Barbara, for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed the video.

      February 01, 2018
  • Elanna

    Great interview Pat! Have you thought of publishing follow up books that reflect other favourite locations you have visited in your travels? (I am thinking “The prairie girl’s Paris”)
    I am currently taking a course in mindfulness, and one of your comments leapt out at me. I can’t think of a better way to demonstrate mindfulness and “being in the moment” than to create beautiful art. Well Done!

    February 01, 2018
    • katzp

      Hi Elanna. I’m so glad you enjoyed the interview. Yes, engaging in art is a great way to practice being in the moment. I have thought about publishing some of my images in book form. I have so many from our various travels – and of course the stories to go with them. Part of the challenge is trying to determine the potential market for something like that. Promoting and marketing ‘Sketches of Saskatoon’ was somewhat easier because the primary market is quite defined. It’s tougher to think about marketing a publication with a potentially wider dispersed following. But, as you note, the idea has a lot of appeal for me. I like the suggested ‘Prairie Girl In Paris’ theme! Thanks for writing, Pat

      February 01, 2018

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