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Saskatoon Express Features Sketches of Saskatoon a treat it was to spend a couple of hours with Ned Powers chatting about my latest publication, Sketches of Saskatoon. Our conversation took us on a winding journey through many experiences from my varied career to date.

Ned is a Saskatoon journalistic icon – and a real fine fellow – who has spent much of his professional life shining the spotlight on the comings, goings, and doings of so many who live in and travel through our community.

I’m always amazed to see how an interview that covers so much territory comes together so well.

Sktoon Express SOS p2 210Not only did Ned put together a great article, he even went above and beyond to kindly deliver a handful of copies of the edition in which it was featured to my doorstop.

Thanks, also, to Cam Hutchinson at the Express for connecting me with Ned for the interview, and for including images from the book in the article. I must say, it was quite a surprise to find my smiling face on the front page!

If you’d like to read the complete article this link will take you to the Saskatoon Express edition (Vol 11, Issue 9, Week of March 10, 2014) in which it  appears.

You’ll find the story on pages one and four.


Fan Mail For Sketches of Saskatoon

Mug of Pens-wWhat a wonderful surprise to receive a letter in the mail from Jackie W. in British Columbia. She was thrilled to receive a copy of Sketches of Saskatoon as a gift from her daughter.

It’s so rewarding to hear how much this collection of sketches means to people both near and far. Here are a few excerpts from her letter:

Your heartfelt tribute to this charming city is so appreciated. Your sketches are very well done and beautifully presented with your personal comments. Thank you for conceiving such a wonderful idea.

I also consider Saskatoon to be my hometown. Ever since I was a little girl (and I am now in my eighties) Saskatoon has remained a focal part of my life. I lived there for many years and now visit on occasion.

Along with my father, a WWI veteran, I remember attending memorial services at the cenotaph when it long ago graced the center of 21st Street. I have listened to concerts at the Vimy Memorial band shell, and more recently I have walked the Meewasin Trail. I also had a memorable experience on the Prairie Lily Riverboat on the South Saskatchewan River, where the Bess is a focal point of interest.

I have lived here in BC for more than twenty years. Yet my heart belongs to Saskatoon. I am so grateful for your insight in producing this treasure. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’d love to hear what Sketches of Saskatoon has meant to you. Drop me a line with your comments any time.