Unique Uses For Sketches of Saskatoon

SOS Yellow Bckgrnd3x3-72It’s been great fun for me to hear the original uses people are finding for their copies of Sketches of Saskatoon.

One creative Grandmom is gifting her grandson with a copy of SOS and turning it into a Scavenger Hunt challenge. Her plan is that over the next year the two of them will go on a series of adventures to visit all of the places in the book. What fun! I can hear the Saturday morning conversation right now: “Heh, Gran, let’s find page 23 today!”

Another individual took SOS to a dinner party as a hostess gift – in lieu of the more traditional bottle of wine. She reports the hosts were thrilled, and that the gift prompted quite a bit of conversation throughout the evening.

Of course there are many other uses as well. Think about a few of these:

  • Gifts for friends and family members celebrating Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries
  • Classroom teacher, music or dance teacher, or team coach gifts
  • Going away gifts
  • Gifts for people who used to live in Saskatoon, or who are thinking of returning to the city
  • Gifts for neighbors who shovel your snow or take in your mail
  • Welcome treats for visitors arriving from out of town
  • Travel exchange host gifts
  • An item for your Secret Santa or gift exchange activities
  • Thank you gifts for guest speakers, Board members, community volunteers
  • Appreciation gifts for clients or colleagues
  • Special gift to include in goodie bags or as part of conference kits or party favors
  • Give-aways at trade shows
  • Bonus gifts as part of special promotions and special offers
  • And many more….

If you have a novel use for Sketches of Saskatoon, let me know so I can add to the list of suggestions and share your inspiration with others.

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