Fan Mail For Sketches of Saskatoon

Mug of Pens-wWhat a wonderful surprise to receive a letter in the mail from Jackie W. in British Columbia. She was thrilled to receive a copy of Sketches of Saskatoon as a gift from her daughter.

It’s so rewarding to hear how much this collection of sketches means to people both near and far. Here are a few excerpts from her letter:

Your heartfelt tribute to this charming city is so appreciated. Your sketches are very well done and beautifully presented with your personal comments. Thank you for conceiving such a wonderful idea.

I also consider Saskatoon to be my hometown. Ever since I was a little girl (and I am now in my eighties) Saskatoon has remained a focal part of my life. I lived there for many years and now visit on occasion.

Along with my father, a WWI veteran, I remember attending memorial services at the cenotaph when it long ago graced the center of 21st Street. I have listened to concerts at the Vimy Memorial band shell, and more recently I have walked the Meewasin Trail. I also had a memorable experience on the Prairie Lily Riverboat on the South Saskatchewan River, where the Bess is a focal point of interest.

I have lived here in BC for more than twenty years. Yet my heart belongs to Saskatoon. I am so grateful for your insight in producing this treasure. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’d love to hear what Sketches of Saskatoon has meant to you. Drop me a line with your comments any time.

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