More Places To Pick Up Your Copies of SOS

Berry Barn-wThanks so much to Natalie Erlandson, Manager of the Saskatoon Berry Barn on Valley Road, for stocking copies of Sketches of Saskatoon in the gift shop for the summer.

The Berry Barn is a very popular place for the locals to take guests and visitors for a taste of the country that’s close to the city. I’m a big fan of their Borscht and of course their Saskatoon Berry Pie. Ask for yours with an ice cold scoop of ice cream.


hues_logo-wThanks, also, to Paul Trottier owner of Hues Art Supply at 1818 Lorne Avenue here in Saskatoon for making copies of Sketches of Saskatoon available to his customers and clients. Hues is the ‘new kid on the block’ when it comes to art supply shops in the city, and is already very popular with Saskatoon artists.

In addition to art supplies, Paul’s shop serves as a gallery for the work of local artists and is fast becoming a hot-spot for how-to art workshops and classes. Paul, himself, is a member of the renowned Saskatchewan based artist’s group,  Men Who Paint.

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