• Anaam Jafar

    Hi Pat, I like both of them! I admire your approach to simplify the photo and produce a beautiful and vibrant painting.
    May I ask if you can share some tips on how to simplify your photos?
    Thank you

    March 14, 2021
    • katzp

      Thanks, Anaam, for your comments. As for simplifying photos, there are a few ways I have experimented with this. Change the image to black and white and see what you can learn about where shapes of the same value may be combined. Pay attention to what most attracts you about an image and make sure that is featured – work from that area outwards to make sure your focus is not squeezed out. Print the photo and physically crop and rearrange the forms. Work quickly – that’s a good way to lose some of the detail. Hope that helps, Pat

      March 26, 2021

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